Climate change as a hidden killer that damages life and the ecosystem


The article focuses on the effects of climate change where crops and animals are destroyed and causes drought and other natural disasters. Climate change causes infectious diseases and when temperatures goes high during summer, it causes melting of ice causing floods and submergence of the coastal cities hence people are displaced as a result.

MING XU was a professor and research leader at the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research at Chinese Academy who’s focus was on climate change and ecosystem process and he was leading scientists on a number of major research projects in the United States and China. XIN WEI was a masters student at the Institute of world literature of Peking University who researched on eco-literature, biography and bibliography among other fields. She was one of the organizers of China’s first world Eco-criticism conference on ecological literature and environment Education at Peking University in 2009.

Below is an example of a person who was affected by the effect of climate change. Fulin Wang was a   farmer in South China who was a victim of climate change. This farmer used to grow rice in low land and fruit trees on mountain trees. Due to climate change, rice production declined substantially due to damage from more severe pests and diseases and summer heat stress. He focused on planting of fruit trees and he rented about 10 acres of barren land and grew cherry trees on the hill side where he made a profit from the sale of the cherries. 8 years later, he planted cherry trees again but he hardly harvested any fruits from the cherry trees where he decided to research the cause of that drastic change in production. He found the answer when he consulted horticulture experts and he found the solution that that was due to climate change and as a result of global warming due to persistence of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

I strongly agree with this article in that since climate change challenges human knowledge, technology and cooperative skills. To curb this problem, there is need for immediate action and appropriate measures taken to prevent this scenario happening in future. Therefore, people should unite and work together across the nations and this will prevent this damage from ruining the coming generation.