Learn How to Reduce Plastic Pollution!


It is impossible nowadays to not find plastic in almost everything. You can find plastic in your computer, phone, and car, or you can find it in everything it means packaging. Plastic pollution is very serious as it has started to kill millions of animals every year and destroy the natural ecosystem. If we think of the quantities, the numbers are alarming. We have produced more than 9 million tons of plastic since 1950. What is worse, most of this plastic still exists nowadays in the nature and it adds up to the quantities we throw away every day.

Is there something we can do about it? While we cannot eliminate plastic completely from our lives, there are various methods that we can use to reduce plastic pollution. Read on this article and find what you can do to protect the environment and the world around us.

What can we do reduce plastic pollution?

  • Replace as much as possible the plastic items you use on a daily basis. 90% of the plastic items we use every day are thrown away after one use. Think for example at the grocery bags, plastic cutlery, straws, or coffee-cup lids. Many of these items end up in the oceans and are responsible for taking the lives of many animals living there. Therefore, if you want to reduce the plastic pollution, you can start by doing an inventory of all the plastic items you use on a daily basis. The next step will be to find biodegradable alternatives to as many of those items as possible. For instance, you can do your shopping with a reusable bag or store your food in glass jars.
  • Buy and sell used things. By doing so, you will reduce the quantity of trash. Moreover, the quantity of plastic used for packaging new things will be also reduced. Apart from protecting the environment, you will also save some bucks which you can then use for other eco-friendlier activities.
  • Recycle more. Fortunately, the technology has advanced a lot and there are various plastic items which are recyclable. So, before you buy a product, look for the instructions on how to recycle the plastic. What is more, it is a clever idea to be informed about the recycling rules of your community. You can also have a proactive attitude and convince your friends and co-workers to recycle also.
  • Use reusable bottles. The plastic waste coming from water plastic bottles represents 1.5 million tons every year. By using a reusable bottle and refilling it every time you need, you will contribute to reducing the quantity of plastic bottles which end up in the oceans and landfills. There’s also another thing you can do. The next time you go to a coffee shop, you can have a reusable cup with you. So, you can ask the barista to fill it up and so decrease the plastic waste quantity you produce.
  • Give up gum. The gum we chew up every day is made of synthetic rubber which is also a plastic. Statistics show that we are discharging 100,000 tons of gum per year. What is more, the gum’s packaging is also made of plastic. If we are leaving aside the environmental impact, we should also think on our health. When we chew a gum, we are actually chewing a plastic which can harm our stomach. Therefore, even though we can recycle the gum, it is always better to give it up forever.
  • Don’t buy frozen foods. Even though they are very convenient, their packaging is entirely made of plastic. Apart from the environmental benefits, you will also protect your health. You will thus eat more fresh food full of vitamins and minerals. In addition, you stay away from the chemicals found in the plastic packaging, which can also be harmful for your health.

Plastic pollution is a severe problem that affects the entire population. By changing our behavior and researching more on how we can reduce the plastic consumption, we can have a positive impact on the environment. You will see that not long after you start implementing some of the actions above, they will soon become a habit.