Water Crisis


Water is one of the most important substances on earth and there would be no life on the planet without water since all animals and plants need water to survive. Human beings can live without any food for weeks, but can only live for a few days without water. It is water that makes the existence of the human race on earth possible (Water.Org). Water scarcity is the lack of enough water or the lack of access to safe water. It is both a natural phenomenon as well as a man-made. The global water crisis causes more deaths through diseases than deaths caused through guns in wars. Water crisis differs highly between developed countries and developing ones.

Water crisis in developed nations

Over the years, water crisis has been seen as a problem of the developing nations but the reality is that even the developed nations are faced with the crises. The phenomenon is not as bad as in the developing nations and only 2% of water related deaths occur in the developed world (Alois). In Europe and in the neighboring countries have experienced recurring droughts leading to water crisis. The situation has been further compounded by irrigation and water-intensive tourism that have endangered the water resources. In the United States of America, most of the regions are considerable using more water than can be naturally replenished. Even in countries with high rainfall like Japan, contamination of water supplies in most of the urban areas through pollution has created a serious problem resulting in water crisis. In the developed countries, water crisis has been exacerbated by global warming and the changing weather patterns that are unpredictable (GreenBiz ).

Solutions in developed nations

Developing nations can resolve water crisis by encouraging conservation of the catchment areas and large green areas within the boundaries of the affected areas. Adoption of the drip irrigation technique can help in mitigation against water crisis. The rate of adoption of the technique has be low due to the cost involved but with assistance from the government, farmers can apply this technique so as to conserve water (GreenBiz ).