functions of education


functions of education

Functions of education
4) Gives strength and self confidence in the nation by means of using education as an important weapon for achieving competence
1) Ability to convert the young blood of the society into the productive and responsible citizens for the country

A learning objective indicates what a programme wishes students to achieve in this part of their education. They are formulated both at programme level (learning outcome) as well as at course level (course objectives).

  • form the underpinning for the design, the content and the performance of teaching and examination.
  • provide a guideline for designing the teaching, developing the material and performing the teaching activities.
  • indicate to students what they are expected to learn or the skills they will have acquired by the end of the course; skills they will be examined and assessed on.
  • give an impression of what will be taught (to colleagues and external organisations) and the minimal level achieved by the students who pass.