access courses for teaching


access courses for teaching

In addition, you will study a number of units such as study skills, target setting, biology, assessment practices and working with others. Some of the units will be optional depending on whether you plan to go into Primary or Secondary teaching.
You’ll learn about what it takes to join the rewarding teaching profession, whether your goal is to become a teacher in a Primary or Secondary school, or to work with children in an area such as child development or a related career. This course will provide you with a great springboard to future degree-level study.

An Access course is an intense learning opportunity, aimed at adults who wish to study at university but don’t necessarily have the qualifications to apply. An Access course would suit mature students with significant work and life experiences who have been out of formal education for 3 or more years. An Access Level 3 course is specifically designed to prepare students for study at university level.

  • Teaching
  • Business
  • Geography
  • Archaeology
  • HR
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Journalism
  • English Literature

Assessment is ongoing throughout the course. Assignments, which take a variety of forms (such as essays, reports and presentations) are completed for each module. Students on all pathways complete a final assessment of a research project and presentation on a topic within their subject discipline.
There are no formal entry criteria for this course.

The National Forum has co-ordinated an important national initiative aligned to the PDF. A suite of open-access professional development programmes has been developed by collaborating teams of academics across the sector, offered as non-accredited professional development opportunities for all who teach in Irish higher education.
Participants who complete a programme can gain recognition for the development of particular skills and knowledge sets relevant to their teaching and learning practice by claiming a digital badge through the National Forum’s digital badge system. These open-access programmes support staff mobility and transfer across the Irish higher education sector.