Board of Directors

Brenna Hughes is the founder of Swim to Empower. She is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College and majored in Economics and Environmental Studies. Hughes became involved with Eleuthera during her semester at the Island School in the spring of 2003. She has been returning to the island ever since and feels extremely lucky to be able to work with such passionate and dedicated people.

Jennie Freeman worked with the Bahamian Ministry of Education and families of South Eleuthera to found Deep Creek Middle School in 2001. She worked to create opportunities for students both on Eleuthera and in the United States. Due to the founding of DCMS, the people of South Eleuthera now have access to a library and computer center. Students and local children attend summer school and camp at DCMS and many have traveled to the U.S. for summer camp and boarding school experiences. Freeman came to Eleuthera with a Masters degree in education and currently heads the DCMS advisory board. She now lives in southern Vermont with her husband and two children.

Molly McKay currently teaches World Cultures at Berwick Academy in Maine. McKay spent several years teaching Bahamian History at the Deep Creek Middle School in South Eleuthera. McKay received her BA from St. Lawrence University.

Jen Galvin is the founder of reelblue, LLC, a media production company specializing in stories about global health and the environment. She is also a trustee and selection committee member of the Henry David Thoreau Foundation. Galvin has a BS in Aquatic Biology from Brown University, a MPH in Environmental Epidemiology from Yale University, and a SD in Environmental Health from the Harvard School of Public Health’s Epidemiology, Exposure and Risk Program.

Alexandra Penny works and lives in New York City as a broker in environmental and energy commodities. She attended Brown University where she majored in Environmental Studies. Her junior year at Brown was spent traveling to England, Tanzania, India, New Zealand, and Mexico with International Honors Program. It was during her semester at The Island School in Spring 2003 and this journey in 2006-2007 when she developed her interest in supporting local initiatives encouraging people, particularly youth, to experience and understand their local environment. She believes it only takes a bit of inspiration to cultivate environmental stewardship.

Deanna Del Vecchio first came to the Bahamas to work for The Nature Conservancy in Nassau. As a teacher, she has worked at the Deep Creek Middle School in South Eleuthera, and with the literacy program Exceptional Education Outreach in North Eleuthera. Del Vecchio has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Biology, and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Art Education in Montreal, Canada.