Our Approach


  • Level 1: Comfort in the Water
    Ability to calmly walk into the water
    Breathing underwater (bubbles)
    Relaxed bobs
  • Level 2: Floating
    Front Float for 10 seconds
    Glide and Recover
    Back Float for 1 minute
    Glide and Recover
  • Level 3: Kicking
    Front Kick
    Back Kick
  • Level 4: Elementary Backstroke
    Swim Elementary Backstroke
  • Level 5: Backstroke
    Swim Backstroke
  • Level 6: Breaststroke
    Swim Breaststroke
  • Level 7: Front Crawl/Freestyle
    Swim Front Crawl
  • Level 8: Treading Water
    Tread Water for 2 minutes
  • Level 9: Basic Lifeguarding Saves
    Ability to throw a lifeguard tube safely
    Lifesaving stroke
    (front crawl with head above water)
  • Level 10: Teacher Aide Test
    Float for at least 2 minutes on back.
    10 seconds on front.
    Tread water for 5 minutes
    Ability to perform all 5 strokes
    Be able to teach (role reversal) hot to float and the five strokes.
    Ability to teach peers in a constructive and supportive manner

Lesson Structure

Each lesson is 45 minutes and is structured in the following way:

  • Safety Lesson (5 minutes)
    Boat Safety, Current, Tides, Swimming with a Partner, etc.
  • Nature Nugget (5 minutes)
    Lessons about pressing environmental issues, marine animals and ecosystems
  • Lesson time (30 minutes)
    One-on-one lesson
  • Free Time (5 minutes)
    Using learned skills in a fun and safe setting, i.e. diving for objects

Teacher Aide Program

When participants reach Level 10 of the program they are eligible to become a Teacher Aide. The Teacher Aides co-teach with the senior instructors and in many cases teach the lessons as the instructors look on. The Teacher Aides are all involved in the Swim to Empower Council. It is an opportunity for young people in the community to have meaningful leadership opportunities. With teenage pregnancy and high prevalence of drugs, this leadership opportunity has helped many teenagers feel that they have another option.

We hope that this program will aid in our goal of self-sustainability—a program run by Bahamians, for Bahamians.

Swim to Empower Council 

All of the 7 Teacher Aides are a part of the Swim to Empower Council, which is held at the Deep Creek Middle School. The Teacher Aides learn about pressing environmental issues, such as coral bleaching and global climate change, and make posters and pamphlets to share with their friends and peers at their respective schools. There are also fun activities, such as snorkeling excursions and swimming clinics, which they also participate in. It helps to continue the impact of the program on a year round basis.